Double-time comes home

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The animal shelter is scary for all dogs, but it’s very scary for Double-time. He’s been here a couple of days, and already knows how the other dogs feel.

It’s lonely and Double-time is sad. There’s no one to play with, and it smells sometimes. The caretakers are nice though, and that makes Double-time feel a little more comfortable. Even though they’re nice he doesn't’ want the shelter to be his forever home.

Instead of giving up on a forever home Double-time turns his nose up, and prances back and forth in his kennel.

He has to find a way out of this place.

This cage is not suitable for his personality. Double-time has an appetite for adventure, and running fast. Double-time is very fast- very fast.

The shelter has been slow these past few days. There were a few visitors, but Double-time’s not impressed so far. I’m not going home with any of these people he thought.

Meanwhile, Double-time has nothing to do. He lays on his side chewing on his back leg to pass the time.

Suddenly he hears voices. It’s young children; several of them. Double-time is very pleased. He’s so excited he paces back and forth.

The little girl with red curly hair says, “Mom, look at this one” pointing to a small puppy at the far end of the shelter. The brown haired boy is missing his two front teeth, but grins widely when he sees the puppy at the end of the corridor.

they walk past Double-time. Marcus looks at Double-time for a second then continues to walk to the little puppies.

Double-time saw something special in the little boy. Double-time made his choice. Of the children at the shelter this week he’s made his mind that these are his humans. He’s going home with them whether they like it or not.

Double-time barks once. He barks twi...

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...J. into picking Double-time.

“What do you think, J.J.?”
“I really like the little puppy over there,” J.J. answered pointing to one of the small puppies.

Marcus glared at J.J. “You’re right; he’s cute, but I like Double-time better.”

J.J. had never seen her brother so determined. This little dog must mean a lot to him.

“Mom, we’re ready. We want this one.”

Their mother looked at the little dog in it’s kennel and gave the kids a questioning look.

“Are you sure you want this one? There are puppies over there.”

Double-time began to worry. This was his family. Why would she ask if the toothless boy and red haired girl wanted another dog? What if they say they want a puppy instead. Double-time does not like the idea of him being left in the shelter by his forever family so he begins to whine.

Marcus looked at his mother with certainty. “Nope. This is the one.”
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