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591 words

Since the beginning of time, mankind has been baffled by light. Scientists have struggled to explain light and how it operates. During the nineteenth century, a special experiment took place that changed all preconceived theories of light.This report will cover Young’s Double Slit Experiment, how it works,and the properties behind the experiment. Pay special attention to the visual diagrams.
During the centuries preceding Young's experiment, light was widely accepted as being comprised particles, not waves. This theory was made popular by Sir Isaac Newton, and accepted as true until Young proved him wrong in 1801. Young sought out to prove that light was made of waves, not particles; but his findings opened up a whole new spectrum that scientist never foresaw.
In 801, Thomas Young conducted his experiment to prove that light was indeed made of waves. To do so, he had to find a coherent light source. At the time, the only artificial light sources were candles, and lamps; today we can conduct this experiment with ease via high powered lasers and lamps. Young's solution to...

In this essay, the author

  • Explains how young's double slit experiment changed all preconceived theories of light.
  • Explains how young's experiment proved that light was made of waves, not particles, which was popularized by sir isaac newton, until young proved it wrong in 1801.
  • Explains how thomas young conducted his experiment to prove that light was indeed made of waves, using a coherent light source.
  • Explains young's double slit experiment, where two lines of light projected from the two slits. if light were to be a wave, the waves would diffract and interfere with one another.
  • Explains that light acts as a wave when you conduct this expirment. the brightest line is in the middle and darkens as you go outward from the center.
  • Explains that the results of the double slit experiment can be obtained from a single one. the different waves traveling through the single is interfered with, canceling or adding to each other, causing fringes.
  • Explains how the experiment was conducted at the atomic level, via protons and electrons. they explain how each proton interferes with itself, just like a wave.
  • Concludes that thomas young opened up a broad new spectrum for the world of science and physics to explore.
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