Dorothy Johnson Behavioral System Model Of Nursing

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In my ADN program, I feel as though we focused mostly on scientific information and only scraped the surface of nursing theory. When I started my first job fresh out of nursing school, I was thrown into nursing and expected to be a nurse and do what a nurse does. Though, I gained nursing skills, most of nursing is what I was going to learn in a hands-on manner. I never understood the importance of theory or nursing as a profession. Researching Dorothy Johnson’s Behavioral System Model of Nursing has changed my view of what nursing really consists of. I have learned that nursing theory is what developed nursing practice today. My job has helped me grasp Johnson’s theory more clearly. I see how much her theory has guided current nursing practice and I feel as though I can relate at this point in my professional life. Therefore, I will focus on the details of this theory and how it has shaped the nursing profession and my career. In Johnson’s article, she defines nursing as a service complementary to that of medicine (1968). Nursing as a profession has its own mission and area of responsibility. Nursing is identified by its actions and goals (Botha, 1989). It does, by all means, play a huge role in assisting the medical profession by taking on actions…show more content…
The subsystems and their functional requirements create balance in the behavioral system. As explained above, internal and external stimuli can disrupt the system. The main goal in nursing as described by this model is to obtain optimal level of functioning of the patient. I described the nursing process as defined by the model. Also, I have discussed nursing duties to restore and maintain equilibrium in the patient as a whole. Dorothy Johnson’s Behavioral System Model of nursing has clearly made an impact on the nursing profession today. This theory has also played major a role in my professional
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