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Dorothea Dix was born on April 4, 1802. She was born in Hampden, Maine. Even though she grew up less fortunate and in a broken home, she managed to get an education and become internationally known for her kindness and assistances to the mentally ill population. She started off as a simple school teacher but ended up changing the world by contributing to the medical field. Her work was known international.
Dorothea Dix’s early years can be described as miserable. She had 2 brothers Joseph and Charles. She left home at the age of 12 because she was neglected by her parents. Both Dorothea Dix’s parents were alcoholics. Her dad was also very abusive to her and to her two brothers. When she left home to live with her grandmother, her grandmother was 70 years old. Her grandmother was quite wealthy and provided for her. She lived in Boston, Massachusetts. Her grandmother sent her to school and there she got herself an education. Dorothea went to a school called “A Little Dame School.” (4) Two years later she was already employed and expected to be married soon. Dorothea became engaged at a super young age. Her fiancé was Edward Bangs. He was also the person to assist Dorothea get into “A little Dame School”. (4) At the very young age of 14, she was already teaching in a school for young girls. This school was located in Worcester, Massachusetts. Teaching was her passion for many years.
When Dorothea Dix was 39 she spent her Sundays volunteering at the east Cambridge jail, she would teach Sunday school for women. When she was there, she saw that special individuals were in unheated, unfurnished, and in a foul-smelling place. This place was for individuals who were mentally challenge. She wanted to do something abo...

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...ea Dix received recognitions in 2006. A mental health institute was renamed to “Dorothea Dix” Psychiatric Center. The United States Navy transport ship that was serving in the World War II was named for Dix. The ship served from 1940-1946. It received five battle stars for her service during the war. The Bangor Mental Health Institute was renamed in August 2006 to Dorothea Dix Psychiatric Center.
In conclusion, a lot can be said about Dorothea Dix but the Dix Psychiatric Center described her best. They described Dorothea Dix as a persistent human being who was also a very generous and independent individual. If Dorothea had never had the heart she had no one would have stepped up and decide to help the mentally ill people around the world. Society is very fortunate that Dorothea had the attitude to help people even though she came from a broken home.
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