Dorm Trash Dumpster

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The world forgetting, by the world forgot. BOB BOB BOB A panicked scream combined with his rapid breathing from the stress of having escaped death. A choked whimper of absolute terror as he felt the wash of air over his small, body as the clawed, black paw swiped back and forth. The small being curled up fetally and crammed himself closer to the far end of the drainage pipe, praying the beast would give up soon, the small circuit lined gem in his forehead flashed a vibrant yellow as fear became more and more prevalant. After what felt like an eternity, the reaching paw stopped and a digusted growl was the paw pulled away, claws scrapping against the rusted metal of the pipe as the beast that'd chased him gave up and padded off for easier prey. He was left there, heart pounding in his large ears, body aching and groaning in protest after the harrowing run and near death experience. Several more minutes passed with no sound of his tormentor, he released a breath with a shudder, a dirty hand wiped at a tear streaked somewhat bruised cheek. He stepped out the pipe and back into the alley, his fox like ears flicked to and fro scanning for any sound of the cat, his eyes cautiously surveying the area. A small, uneasy smile crossed his delicate features, someone had to be watching over him. The small Kemonomimi class Chi-Be retraced his steps to where he'd tossed his make shift sack and bundle of string at the first appearence of the hungry cat. He checked them both for damage and was releived that they were fine. His bushy red tail swished as he sighed and continued his small expidition, his first stop, the local coffee shop. For weeks this area had been his only home, all he needed to exist could be found cl... ... middle of paper ... ... to accent the woman's natural fur color. The small one craned his neck up, the sundress curving around the swell of the feline's pert bosom. He winced a little as another distant memory hit him, then left as quickly as it appeared. His vision refocused as he continued his observation, he squinted as the sun glinted off her small librarian glasses, the bangss of her raven black hair drooped over the left side, and her rounded ears twitched a bit as she squirmed, as if waiting for someone. "Familiar...but a dream," he thought, not really coherant in his verbal expression of them. She was a goddess to him, but one he'd worship from the safety he had, a small twinkle caught his eyes and drew them to her wrist. A small, think band with a little gem on it, "More things that tease me....I wish I knew who this was...what that was." he said as he lay down, eyes heavy.

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