Doppler Ultrasound in Obstetrics

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Introduction An understanding of nursing informatics helps nurses to implement safe, reliable care to their patients. The integration of information, data and knowledge nurses are enabled to be good decision makers (McGonigle, 2012). Labor and delivery nursing have benefited from integrating technology into the care of the mother and fetus. The perinatal nurse has a vast array of technologies that assist in establishing trust with parents during pregnancy. Doppler ultrasound is utilized during pregnancy to reassure mothers of fetal well-being. External fetal monitoring with Doppler ultrasound has limitations for fetal monitoring during labor. Technology such as the Doppler ultrasound is used to increase patient confidence in the medical field. Doppler ultrasound is a medical technology that enables antenatal monitoring, limited monitoring during labor and encourages patient assurance by incorporating medical technology into routine patient care. Doppler During Pregnancy Not that long ago, women did not have the pleasure of hearing their baby’s heart beat, find out if they were having a boy or girl, or having early knowledge of possible congenital anomalies. With routine prenatal care today, women are provided with more information about how to care for themselves and their baby early in pregnancy. Routine ultrasounds are performed early in pregnancy to ensure that the baby has implanted into the uterus. A hand-held Doppler unit is used to hear fetal heart tones during prenatal visits. Ultrasound is used again at about twenty weeks gestation to ensure that fetal development is progressing as expected. Many women have adapted to this technology and expect this standard of care. The hand held Doppler unit can also be used intermit... ... middle of paper ... provided with the use of technology will further promote the development of better, easier technology for nurses and health care providers, as well as increasing patient safety and confidence in the medical field. Works Cited Bhogal, K., & Reinhard, J. (2010). Maternal and fetal heart rate confusion during labour. British Journal Of Midwifery, 18(7), 424-428. Hale, R. (2009). Non-invasive techniques for fetal monitoring in pregnancy and labour. British Journal Of Midwifery, 17(10), 661. McGonigle, D., Mastrian, K., (2012). Nursing Informatics and the Foundation of Knowledge. 1st ed. United Kingdom: Jones & Bartlett Learning . Montague, E., Winchester, W., & Kleiner, B. (2010). Trust in medical technology by patients and healthcare providers in obstetric work systems. Behaviour & Information Technology, 29(5), 541-554. doi:10.1080/01449291003752914

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