Door 23

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The door to the indoor swimming pool and Jacuzzi at the Best Western squeaked open. By now, I was starting to feel like a prune and I was thinking about heading up to my room. A tall woman wearing a yellow string bikini strolled into the pool house. Maybe I’ll kick it here for a little while longer, I thought. She had long black hair that hung down past her ass and her large melon shaped breasts that strained the fabric of her bikini top. Damn, I thought. I’d like to bite into one of those melons and pray for lockjaw. She headed to the spa where I sat soaking up the hot water and enjoying the bubbles. Her dark brown eyes flashed. “Do you mind if I join you. That hot water looks invigorating,” she said and then smiled. “Be my guest,” I said ogling her large perfectly formed breasts. Her long sensual legs looked smooth, her belly looked flat and hard, but what I liked about her most, was her hair. She smelt fresh, like she’d just stepped from the shower. She stepped into the Jacuzzi, dunked her whole body under the water and then sat down next to me. Beads of water glistened off her skin in the florescent light. Glancing over, I appreciated how her bathing suit clung to her wet body. Her hard nipples pressed against the fabric of her bikini top causing something to rise in my lower regions. “Would you care for a beer?” I asked. “Sure. Why not?” I asked her name. “I’m Melissa Gilbert.” “I’m Bill,” I replied handing her a beer and taking one for myself. “Are you in town on vacation, or is it a business trip?” “I guess you could call it a vacation. How about you?” I asked popping the top on a beer. “I work for an advertising agency in New York. I’m here on business. What do you do?” She moved clos... ... middle of paper ... ...sinesses set across the street from the marina. On the far end was his motorcycle shop, McDonald’s Custom Cycles. In the center was the small office housing McDonald’s Detective Agency and on the east end of the building laid the office to his charter fishing service. A wooden awning and a wooden boardwalk fronted the building. Mike climbed off his motorcycle and headed to his cabin cruiser. A sea gull cawed overhead. He breathed in the smell of salt and a breeze blew a few drops of water into his face. Mike waved at two of his employees working on one of his two charter fishing vessels. Both men had their shirts off when Mike stopped at the boat. Lucky, came running up to him on the dock wagging his tail and jumped up putting his paw on Mike’s chest, so he bent down petting the dog and they said their hellos before Mike turned back to his two employees.

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