Don’t Tell Mummy: A Book Report

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Having faced the ultimate betrayal by her mother and the horrendous abuse by her father, Toni Maguire shares her story in the nonfictional book Don’t Tell Mummy. Toni Maguire’s book Don’t tell Mummy was one of UK’s bestsellers in 2007. On her WordPress blog Toni talked about her inspiration behind the book, stating “Writing about my experiences has helped me deal with the past and realize that there is no shame in being victimized.” She wrote a sequel to Don’t Tell Mummy called When Daddy Comes Home which talks about the emotional trauma and abuse she experienced on his return and how her mom continued to neglect and betray her. She later states on her blog that where children are victims, adults need to be survivors. In the story Don’t Tell Mummy Antoinette displays the courage of a survivor.
The Visit
Don’t Tell Mummy is the story of how Toni was molested as a child by her father and neglected and betrayed by her mother. The story beginning in a hospice facility where her mom was then kept due to a terminal illness, later found out to be cancer. As she goes to visit her mom in the hospice facility the doctors come to her with concern for her mom. Her mom was in a tremendous amount of pain and the drugs that they were prescribing her were not working to their full effectiveness. The doctors questioned Toni about what information her mom was withholding from them, she simply stated to the doctor and the minister that her mom was afraid of dying. The doctors told Toni about how her mom would often times request for a minister to come in but when he would she would change her mind. Toni knew that for to disclose such information about her mom that she would also have to address the hidden painful things in her own past. Reliving...

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...she deserved to be heard. I am glad that she is making her voice heard even when so many people tried to silence her. She is so resilient. Having read this story it gives me a greater understanding of the lives of those who been molested as children. It makes me think twice before I ever judge someone because they could have such a painful childhood. I cannot even imagine having gone through that and yet having my sanity. Reading Don’t Tell Mummy made me very angry at the people in her life. Those people were supposed to protect her and yet they rejected her. So many people could have been protective factors for her, preventing her from committing suicide in the future but they failed her. All but the judge and her grandma failed her. One thing is for sure, they thought that they could hold her down but she kept rising. She is a survivor and inspiration to so many.
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