Don't Blame Lago in Shakespeare's Play, Othello

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It is very easy to blame Iago for all that occurs throughout the play. He clearly is the reason for all of the tragedies at the end of the play. Iago is the the villain in the play but he shouldn’t be the only person blamed. Othello, Cassio and other characters should be guilty for the tragedies as well.
Iago sets everyone up in the play and makes them think that he is helping each of them while he is really tricking them into what he wants them to do. He does this all because he wants a higher ranking job. Othello is a very jealous person and is sensitive when it comes to Desdemona that Iago is able to trick him into thinking that she is cheating on him with Cassio. Iago takes advantage of Cassio’s youth and gets him drunk which winds up with him getting fired from his job. Iago then encourages Cassio to request to get his job back from Desdemona. He convinces Othello that Cassio and Desdemona are very close making him jealous. He gets help from his wife Emilia who finds Desdemona’s handkerchief and gives it to him. Iago takes the handkerchief and puts it in Cassio’s room to prove to Othello that Desdemona was there. Othello puts way too much trust in Iago and believes everything he is telling him. Othello becomes very angry and wants to kill Cassio. Rodrigo also in love with Desdemona finds out that Cassio loves her too. Iago uses this to convince Rodrigo to kill Cassio and both of them ultimately are killed. Othello then tells Desdemona that Cassio is dead and wants her to admit to cheating with him but she denies it all. Othello’s jealousy and trust in Iago is too strong and he doesn’t believe her and kills her before Emilia realizes and tells Othello what Iago has done. Iago in the end is jailed and refuses to give his reas...

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...eason. She doesn’t know what he wants with it but steals it for him anyways. She helps Iago set up Cassio for sleeping with Desdemona and uses the handkerchief to convince Othello that its true. Emilia helped Iago without asking or even suspecting anything and should be blamed for some of what happened.
Iago is the clear villain in the story and can easily be blamed for the tragic events. He is helped by people’s jealousy of others and their trust in him. He takes advantage of these things and uses them against them. He is responsible for what happened but shouldn’t be the only person blamed. Othello, Rodrigo, and Emilia are characters that should also receive some blame. Othello’s jealousy leads him to kill his wife. Rodrigo’s jealously leads to him killing Cassio and Emilia’s unawareness leads to Iago convincing Othello that Desdemona is in fact cheating on him.
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