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A Polack walked into a pizza parlor and ordered a pizza. The pizza man asked him, "Should I cut it into six pieces or eight?" And the Polack answered, "Cut it into six; I couldn't eat eight." Like it or not, Polish people, or as they are sometimes called, Polacks, are referred to as stupid, extremely poor, and useless. Why do people regard Polish people as this, and is there a reason for this terrible stereotype to exist?
In almost every civilization, or society, the dominant social group stereotypes the ethnic minorities and labels them a disapprovingly hateful title. The term, Dumb Polack is primarily an American phrase, but it is widely known, however rarely used, in countries such as the Czech Republic, France, and Ukraine. America, however, adopted the phrase from Germany. Germany thinks of Poland as, “Loveable dolts” and when said in Germany it is widely thought to be a joke. Polish people, however, don’t take this word and stereotype as much of an insult. In the polish language the word literally means pole, so you can see how, even when said as an insult, they are calling the...
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