Donating Money to Carers UK

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Donating Money to Carers UK

Would you like to be cooped up in your house all day looking after

your ill parent, never having a moment’s rest? If the answer’s no,

then donate money to CCFR Carers UK, we aim to let children caring for

ill parents have a better life.

I think that we should give money to Carers UK. These children are

missing out on their childhood, they may look like a child on the

outside, but inside it’s a completely different story. Some of the

children we meet have been caring for their parents since they were

four years old. They have to grow up so quickly, they have completely

missed out on their childhood.

Many of these children do not go to school, they have had no

education, so therefore when they grow up they have poor prospects, as

they have not been taught how to read write, and may also have very

few people skills. These children just care for their ill parent/

parents all day, never once having some time for themselves. Very

often even if the child does go to school he or she will have very few

friends and if they want some help or need someone to talk to there

will be no one there except their parents, which is an issue, as the

problem is probably about them.

In some cases the child will be caring for their ill parent’ parents

24 hours a day 7 days a week so they will be exhausted and will find

it harder and harder to cope with the needs of the ill parent/

parents. Quite often the child will have younger brothers and sisters,

so they will have to look after them as well.

Three years ago I met a girl called Emma, she was 14 years old, had

never been to school and was caring for her ill parents, one had

depression, and the other had manic depression. She never had any time

to herself, and was a very unhappy girl. After we heard her story we
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