Donald Trump Informative Speech

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Donald J. Trump, businessman and media mogul, has swept America off her feet and has taken her by storm. Since the announcement of his 2016 presidential campaign on June 16, 2015, nothing has stopped his rise to the top of the polls. He began his campaign with controversial statements, some so controversial they left many people wondering when he would finally say the wrong thing. His campaign also began with ridicule from many media outlets, establishment politicians, and celebrities. Later that year on December 8, satirical news organization The Onion published an article entitled ‘This Will Be The End Of Trump’s Campaign,’ Says Increasingly Nervous Man For Seventh Time This Year, hilariously lampooning those who doubted Trump. Make no mistake…show more content…
Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton had name recognition, but nowhere near the level of Trump. His business career spans almost five decades, and he has certainly put his name out there every single year. Tabloids, lawsuits, high profile marriages and relationships, are just a few of the things Trump is known for; he’s even had his own vodka and board game. He puts his name on every building and thing he owns, but nothing compares to the fame and renown he’s achieved from hosting The Apprentice on NBC for fourteen seasons, only stopping in 2015 due to his campaign announcement and federal campaign laws. It was on The Apprentice that he masterfully crafted his public persona of bravado and lavishness. The catchphrase “You’re fired!” has become synonymous with The Donald; however, Donald Trump is more than just The Donald, his character he plays. Yet, many do not see through this to observe the real Donald Trump. Objectively, it takes someone very intelligent, disciplined, and methodical to graduate from an Ivy League business school, successfully manage large companies, manipulate the media to their advantage, and constantly win majorities of voters in a presidential election. Donald Trump has done all these things, so why are there still those who doubt his
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