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Project Task #1 The topic I chose was about “racism”. I chose this topic because it is a big problem in the world right now. It is a problem to everyone. Everyone talks and worries about it. Another big reason why it’s a problem right now is because of the president elections going on. Donald Trump is one of the biggest person there could ever be that is racist and wants to get rid of every mexican and documentary person in the United States of America. This issue was a big impact back in the day we talking about when we were in Civil War Period. A lot of people think that the people who come to the United States Undocumentary are bad people, lazy, rapist, drug dealers, and what so on. No That is wrong. I am mexican and my family is nowhere…show more content…
Trump promises to deport 11 million people and build a wall along the southern border. As Bernie Sanders says that what Donald Trump is doing is his plan is repulsive because it is based on racism. It is absurd to believe that 11 million people can be rounded up and deported, or that Mexico will pay for a wall along the border. My opinion on Donald Trump wanting to deport 11 million people out of this state is absolutely a vulgar absurd idea. I really hope that only a few Americans support this idea. As a family we build a country that has gotten far to where it 's at now. No matter what color, race or if your documented or not shouldn 't matter. Every mexican or i should say illegal immigrants have done and accomplished lots of things in this country that if it wasn 't for them we wouldn 't of had. I agree with Bernie Sanders he is just a racist. Bernie Sanders also says that this country has already experienced racism for hundreds of years. That he would have hoped by the year 2015 leading candidates for president like Mr. Trump would campaign on their ideas as to how they can address our serious problems, not by wanting to split up or as i can say divide the country with racist and demagogic. He did say to worry about real things we need to worry about the country. Donald trump is scapegoating the Hispanic community. What Sanders wants to do is knock down…show more content…
He will sure he makes Mexico pay for it. And will make the US better again. Its never been better then it is now we have gotten a lot of opportunities with our president now. My idea and my opinion is that Donald Trump wants to bring slavery back and racisms back into this world have everyone separated as before. We can not forget Martin Luther King Jr. died for us to have freedom be equal and treat everyone the same as everyone. We cannot bring our past and let America suffer all over again. This can cause us to go back to war only if we let Donald Trump win. We want people to raise their voice to be

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