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4) Cartoon I chose this cartoon because it talks about how it wants to prevent racism and discrimination against different cultures and religions, and instead support equality by giving foreigners and other ethnicities the right to immigrate to any country they desire. In this cartoon, a Muslim family is attempting to go on a trip to Disneyland, but they are being refused admission on the plane to Los Angeles by an American police officer. As a rebuttal, this cartoon shows a drawing of Santa Claus, which represents the Christian holiday of Christmas, also being denied the right to immigrate to America by an American (Christian) police officer. The cartoon supports the message of equality by not allowing Santa Claus his right to immigrate because…show more content…
Trump states "There are territories and terror states and terror nations that we 're not going to allow the people to come into our country,” which proves his hatred towards Muslims. Trump also plans to build a wall on the southern border, which would separate America and Mexico and have the Mexicans pay for it. This is Trump’s way of saying that Mexicans are also banned from America. In an interview, Trump says “I don 't want people coming in from certain countries. I don 't want people coming in from the terror countries. You have terror countries! I don 't want them, unless they 're very, very strongly vetted." This shows his strong detest for people from terror countries. Trump has his own beliefs, but I personally think his demands and promises are foolish, and in the twenty first century, we should already be at the stage of equality where we allow everyone the right to immigrate. 5) Poem: The Power of a Woman The empowerment of a women begins within herself, if that women loves herself; she has that authority to love anyone she chooses. The power of a women becomes even stronger When she finds herself and knows who she is; and doesn 't let anyone tell her…show more content…
Winnie’s mom was stated as a ‘traditional Shanghai women’ who was strong-willed and independent-minded. She desired for a love marriage, but during this time period in China, women were supposed to be submissive, so instead she became the second wife to a man she did not care for. After her death, Winnie also faced the same mistreatment. During Winnie’s youth in China, she lived a burden free life because she had a wealthy father and a status in her town. However, her status did not stop the discrimination she received as a woman. With her status, Winnie was able to have a bright future, but she had to obey her father’s wish and ended up ruining her good life by marrying an abusive husband. Winnie’s father, Jiang Sao-yan, told Winnie before her marriage that her husband’s desires and opinions come before her own. Therefore, despite your position and class in society, women are powerless when it comes to deciding how they want to live their

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