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Akaffou Axelle John Mercurio POSC-120 10, October 2017 Against All Odds We have all ever heard the story of David and Goliath; the so famous story of the underdog David’s triumph against the colossal Goliath. What is actually misunderstood by many, this story, indeed, depicts the fact that sometimes what we think is an advantage becomes a disadvantage— and vice versa. Along the lines of that story, that Donald Trump was perceived as a political novice turns to be the key to his winning of the presidency in 2016. In my opinion, Donald Trump owes his success to his dauntlessness which helped him to develop two specific remarkable factors: the immigration and terrorism issues, and Hillary’s Lack of credibility. Donald trump has been determined in his criticism of what he believes in. He knew how to express himself and how to emphasize the main problem that all Americans are worry about. He was not afraid to stand out, go after what he wants and definitely doesn’t believe in hiding his light under the proverbial words. According to Trump, Islamic terrorism is taking an immense portion in the world and it needs to be destroy. As reported by Gallup in his online article, terrorism was the number one issue of Trump voters in this election. And by that, most of them meant Islamic terrorism. According to an article in Listverse, the Black Lives Matter movement which have killed lots of cops and the Islamic terrorism appear so often in the news. This has created a climate of fear where everyone worry about their families and certain people feel like the state will not protect them. So when one candidate proposes a quick-fix solution Muslim ban, voters a prompt to respond. To win elections, the candidates have to acknowledge the proble... ... middle of paper ... ...ority think and voice his opinion. He knew how to acknowledge people’s worries about real important issues and Speak honestly and openly about them. Work cited Yvonne K. (2015, 06). 4 Admirable Qualities From Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign. Maeve R. and Stephen, C. (2016, 11) How Donald Trump Won Morris M. (2016, 11) 10 Reasons Trump Win Polling M. (2016, 10) Gallup Review: Americans, Immigration and the Election

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