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1177 words

In any film, filmmakers use the beginning to expose the audience to its style and organization along with storyline, society, and characters of the film. The ending evokes emotions from the audience and drives home the essence of the film. Within the two films High Noon and Don’t Look Now, the parallels in the beginnings and the endings of the films exhibit purposeful framing that speak to the outcomes of the films dependent on the characters’ actions. The favorable beginning and ending of High Noon contrasts with the tragic beginning and ending of Don’t Look Now, highlighting the importance of a strong set of values, and the dangers of being consumed by your own thoughts. High Noon Beginning In the beginning of High Noon, there is a wedding with lots of people in the background, creating a positive atmosphere, but by the end, it is ultimately revealed it’s merely facade of support between the couple and the town. The crowd at their wedding creates the illusion that they are a well-liked couple. The current understanding is that the townspeople are supportive of their love, but in reality, this is merely an assumption because it’s actually a facade. As the newly married couple, Kane and Amy are in the center of the shot. Kane’s dark suit, vest, and tie complements Amy’s lighter gown, bouquet, and headpiece illustrating a true married couple, a package deal. Besides …show more content…

The framing within the beginning and the ending of Don’t Look Now have numerous parallels that foreshadow the film’s “exploration of grief” (BFI Modern Classics). Christine’s death in the beginning foreshadowed another death in the ending of the film. The question then is who is going to die? And how will they die? As the film closes, it’s clear that John dies, but there is controversy over how he

In this essay, the author

  • Compares the favorable beginning and ending of high noon and don't look now, highlighting the importance of a strong set of values, and the dangers of being consumed by your thoughts.
  • Analyzes how kane and amy are the center of attention, taking up most of the frame illustrating their isolation within the community.
  • Analyzes how the visual element of the crowd and the carriage carry different meanings. kane and amy leave town on their own accord revealing their relationship with the town has completely dissolved.
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