'Don' T Blame The Eater?

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The fast food industry does not take responsibility for the increase in obesity to the American people. On the other hand, the fast food industry is blaming the public for their decision making in dieting and stating that the American public are conscious of what they are consuming. According to Emil Summers, “People’s waistlines are influenced by advertisements, [and] cheap prices.” In other words, Summer states that people are not compelled to eat healthier since they haven’t regarded any concerns. The American people are not gaining weight by choice although they have no other option of surviving. Obesity will continue to control America until the Fast Food Industry decides to take responsibility for the lack of information to the public and not providing healthier options.
In “Don’t blame the eater”, by David Zinczenko, the main idea of the article is to express the aspect of “a daily choice between McDonald 's, Taco Bell,
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The town of Manchester in Kentucky is stated to have no YMCA, no parks and recreation. They have an economic suffrage and everything else is "mostly fast foods"(Haygood 1). They continue to be the only option for people to eat. Even someone like Charlie Rawlins, who has gone through the experience had decided to “educated himself about nutrition” since there was no “literature about healthful eating habits”(Haygood 1). In Manchester, this fact makes us realize the effect of fast food on children since it’s the only thing available and have no time for cooking. They continue the habits of eating fast food and commercials seen everywhere, that other people should realize that this is not just happening in a small town in Kentucky but rather the fast food company is putting a risk to the life expectancy of the future
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