Domestic violence

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Domestic violence is unjustifiable no matter what the excuse may be. There is no biased target towards a specific group; domestic violence can happen to anyone regardless of ethnicity, sex, age or practiced religion. It can also happen in many different ways. Some possible forms would be when an intimate partner abuses their chosen partner physically, sexually and or psychologically (“Domestic Violence”). Domestic violence is a major issue that has effects on many people in society. It needs to be taken heavily into consideration no matter what form is occurring. There may be reasons that play a factor in the root behind acts of domestic violence, however; those reasons do not justify the acts. Domestic violence occurs when the abuser wants to have a feeling of superiority. It has been proven that one who possess abusive ways tend to turn to violent actions once they feel they have lost their power over the victim (“Roots of Domestic Violence?”). The perpetrator in an abusive relationship will use numerous ways to secure control over their victim. Dominance is used when the abusive i...
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