Domestic Violence: Let's Change the Future

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Domestic Violence: Let’s Change the Future
Domestic violence, also known as Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) affects millions of women and children in the United States everyday regardless of age, gender, race, social status, religion, or education. According to Robert Herman-Smith, (2010) “Approximately 15.5 million children in the United States reside in households in which interpersonal violence is recurrent” (p.231). To comprehend the effects of domestic violence it is important to know what domestic violence is. Domestic violence is any type of physical, verbal, psychological, sexual, emotional, and economic abuse. Being exposed to this kind of violence has the potential to leave its victims with a sense of helplessness, isolated, shameful, guilt, fearful, vulnerability, and even suicidal. Society should be more involved and informed to the disturbing fact that domestic violence is on the rise in the U.S. and help stop this epidemic. Victims should seek therapy and get educated on how to manage battered woman syndrome and the physical abuse, which will help them from being drawn back into violent situations.
Growing up in a very violent and dysfunctional household I used to ask myself, how can someone be so violent and abusive to someone they say they love and respect. We cannot learn violence without someone teaching violence, but one cannot teach violence without first learning violence. So, violence is always within us, it is a matter of having self-control and keeping our violent behavior at bay.
Many members of our society cannot understand why women stay in abusive relationships. Women often feel that leaving is not an option when it comes to leaving an abusive relationship. This is due to the battered woman’s syndr...

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...tic violence is finally starting to attract more attention from the federal government and stricter laws are starting to be enforced in certain states. Law enforcement is also getting the training they need to contend with domestic violence calls. Interveners and policy makers should understand the difficulties presented to law enforcement and stop treating domestic violence as a one size fits all crime. Having stricter laws and regulations is important since most abusers are given minimal jail time and small fines, which in turn is only teaching them that it okay to repeat offend. It’s also teaching our society that it okay to commit domestic violence because it’s not a major crime and they can get away with it. Our society has to get involved in in this issue and start supporting it so domestic violence will no longer be tolerated in our country or any country.
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