Domestic Violence In Police Homes

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As all officers know, domestic violence is a serious problem throughout the United States. Unfortunately, it is also a crime that some officers perpetrate in their own homes. When officers - who are sworn to protect and serve in their communities - abuse their power and control at home, they violate the law. When this occurs, the victim, the family, the agency, and the entire community suffer. Officers are trained to maintain control, to use weapons, and to justify their use of force on the job. Officers also need to understand, however, that the core behaviors that make them effective on the job must not be used against family members and intimate partners (University of Florida).
The International Chiefs of Police (IACP) states that the rate of domestic violence among law enforcement is at least as common as that of the general population (IACP Model Policy). Some studies show a higher incidence of domestic violence among law enforcement professionals than in the general population. Two studies have found that at least 40% of police officer families have experienced domestic violence. A third study of older and more experienced officers found a rate of 24%, indicating that domestic violence may be two to four times more common among law enforcement families than families in general (Nedig, 1992). It is also important to remember that when law enforcement officers abuse, they do so in ways similar to those abusers in the general population. However, officers who commit domestic violence often also distort their skills and use authority as part of their abusive behavior. Each abuser is different and uses different tactics. What is essential to remember is that an abuser – officer or civilian – will always focus on using whatever ...

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...his everyday tragedy. At one time, domestic violence was something law enforcement turned the other cheek to, it was a personal family issue that simply didn’t exist in their minds and there was nothing they could do about it. Now, domestic violence is an ever growing issue in which law enforcement steps in on more often than not. It is of great importance for everyone, not just criminal justice professionals, to recognize how extreme domestic violence is and what to do if they, or someone they know are victims.

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