Domestic Violence Effects On Us Americans

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Domestic violence effects Americans in a negative way such as the abused having mental, emotional and physical long term problems. If we take a look at majority of people effected, its children and women. Not to leave out men who do face these kinds of physical abuse as well. This problem is growing more and more each day. We see it on news, we read about it on the internet. National statistics clearly show that every 9 seconds women are assaulted and/or beaten. What really is domestic violence? Is it just hitting someone or is it much more than that? How does it leave its victims when it 's said and done, do you think they just return to their daily lives? Also, do we really know the other side to the story, how about what the abusers have to say in their defence. I 'm going to hit every point I just mentioned to really show the effect this epidemic is having on us Americans. First off what does domestic violence mean to you? Do you think it 's just a physical beating to another human. Theres so much more, according to “It includes physical violence, sexual violence, psychological violence, and emotional abuse.” It hits every part of one’s being. It could be taken as a way one controls their significant other to gain power. People may think well why didn 't they get out early in the relationship. Well brought out from, sometimes you can 't tell they may seem nice and sweet early in the relationship. Domestic violence isn 't caused by the one being abused having lack of confidence or anything like that. It 's the other one seeking to gain control of the relationship. This doesn 't just affect one or two people everyday. It also cannot be said to just affect women. It happens to all ages, races and ... ... middle of paper ... ...the other way. When we really look at the statistics and the large scale of who is effected by domestic violence you see the problem. Also, from an abuser 's perspective you see it through their eyes. They think women are less than men and because of that treat them that way as well. It 's all about power and control. So there 's always a solution for domestic violence. Seek help or help someone you know find or great help. Also, spending a little time teaching teenagres and children what a healthy relationship is with a partner. As for an abuser, there 's always help for them, something is causing their outbursts maybe therapy could help them. There 's so many options and ways to help with abuse cases, being proactive and teaching others about healthy and bad relationships is the first step. That way they can decide for themselves, which is good and which is bad.
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