Domestic Violence Case Study

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In the dysfunctional world of domestic violence, or intimate partner violence (IPV), one of the dominating factors that affects the victims is that of their safety and their financial security (Carey & Solomon, 2014) (Davies & Lyon, 2014). Victims of IPV are reluctant to seek assistance from the courts out of fear that their partner will lose their job, and be unable to offer financial provision (Carey & Solomon, 2014) ( Davies & Lyon, ). Consequently, victims must find compromise between the risk of physical abuse, or financial insecurity (Carey & Solomon,). Victims state that they will develop a tolerance for the abuse, as long as their partner keeps their job and their ability to provide for them (Carey & Solomon, 2014).
In an attempt to stop domestic violence, and offer help to the victims, it seems necessary to not only provide more public awareness and reduce the
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Society may tend to think of domestic violence primarily in the physical aspect, however, domestic violence also affects the financial status of the victim (Davies & Lyon, 2014) (Carey & Solomon, 2014). Incidents that have occurred in the past encouraged that the victim and their abusers seek counseling in light of pressing charges (Lippman, 2013). While it is true that great strides have been made in assisting victims, there is still a lack of resources available for victims of IPV (Lippman, 2013) (NY Times, 2012). A victim of IPV is limited by their relationship; they must consider all aspects of their choices, including financial and personal consequences that could occur from violating the abuser (Carey & Solomon, 2014). Financial dependence is a common reason for staying with the abuser (Carey & Solomon, 2014) (Jacobson & Gottman,
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