Domestic Violence

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Domestic violence can be seen in all forms, whether it be physically ,emotionally, or verbally. In just America 1 out of 4 women see abuse at some point in life and for men its 1 out of 12. This type of violence if often categorized and put under the category of “personal matters”. Domestic violence is something we need to understand and change.

Domestic violence dates back to 1967 where the first domestic violence shelters opened up in Maine. Word about domestic violence began to spread and by 1976 Pennsylvania created the first law that banned domestic violence whether it be to man or women. In the following years programs for men who abused I opened up , the first domestic violence awareness week is recognized. In 1984 the Justice Department had their first research paper done about domestic violence and its impact on America, this was then released to the public to read . Come 1986 the U.S Surgeon General now officiates that domestic violence is a public health issue. And finally a domestic violence hotline is opened , shelters are opened, laws are changed and the people are now locally educated about domestic violence. (Safe Horizon)

Today domestic violence is still very commonly seen and heard about. While there are plenty of laws in place to prevent domestic violence , not all do abide to these regulations and will still abuse. Today over 6 million kids will see domestic violence happen within their homes and some will be traumatized,emotionally affected , or even receive abuse. Every day 3 females and 1 male will be murdered due to domestic violence issues .(Statistic Brain) The situation we see today on domestic violence is still nothing to be proud of. Everyday we see unneeded preventable deaths of innocen...

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...nd be able to help them. (Saving lives ,Giving Hope)

Domestic violence is a serious and heinous crime. America see’s it in every form, physically , emotionally , and even verbally. It affects all types of people, all genders, all races, all sexuality. This crime isn't new, nor is it ignored by the government but there is much more we can do together. This is the intolerance of domestic abuse in our society .

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