Domestic Violence

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Domestic Violence Today, the heartbreaking actuality with domestic violence is genuine because we have or had an encounter with these ourselves. We also know someone that has or has come across with domestic violence. Domestic violence is a prototype of sadistic actions exemplified by the intention to acquire or sustain authority and domination over an intimate partner or other family members. There are vigorous actions or risks of dynamic actions with behaviors that terrorize, manipulate, segregate, terrify, coerce, imminent, and point the finger at, indignant, harm, or wound partner and or other family members. Domestic violence can withstand many forms: Physical: any utilization of power that is the source of anguish or damage such as striking, lashing out, and or smacking. Sexual: use of sexual harassment, sexual assault by manipulating a person to have sex with remorse or coercion. Emotional and or verbal: continuous criticism or pestering at school, workplace, and home to endanger to hurt yourself, themselves, or a loved one. Economic: Be in charge of the person’s income and or...

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