Doltered Out Of Carolina By Dorthy Allison's Bastard Out Of Carolina

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In the past, the world has been portrayed as a man’s world, and the women usually take a back seat to men and are considered as second-class citizens. A prime example of notion above is women are considered to be worse drivers than men when in actuality statics show that both men and women are equally likely to have an accident. In the past women were treated as simple objects as opposed to real people due to faults masculine sense of entitlement. A prime example of man dominates over women can be seen in the book Bastard out of Carolina by Dorthy Allison. Throughout the plot the Mama Anney endured much abuse and mental torture, which was inflicted upon her by the male characters in a male dominated society; she struggled to free herself from. Through the many hardships Anney faced she tried to remain a positive role model for her two daughters. Anney Boatwright had many different sides to her personality, for one she was strong at times throughout the novel, “I don't care what they say, Bone. I won't have anybody call you trash,” (Allison pg?). Anney tried for several years to get her daughter Bone’s birth certificate changed from saying “Bastard”. Anne Boatwright was consider to be “No-good, lazy shiftless” (Allison 3), in other words known as “White Trash”. At this time in the south it was frowned upon to have a child without having a husband, so every time Anne tried getting her daughter legitimized they would laugh in her face and deny her and it did not help that she was only fifteen. Anne knew her relationship was not a normal one and she tried everything in her power to make it work. Anney was frightened to fail her relationship as a result of her being so dependent on her husband Daddy Glen. If she ever left him she wou... ... middle of paper ... ...o stop all this nonsense, before you make me really mad.” Glen was very controlling and wanted everything done his way. Whenever he got into a fight with his wife or had a bad day, he would inflict his feelings on Bone’s physically and emotionally. When Anney walked in on Glen molesting her eldest daughter, she was torn between her first born and lover. Anney lived in a world where she was a second hand citizen; with her lack of schooling Anney was always depending on a male to take care of her. She was a child that was raising a child and was never on her own enough to be independent person. Even though her husband was everything wrong in a father, she kept a blind eye for all his mistakes due to the fact that he supported her economically. Anney tolerated all the torture her husband imposed upon her in the male dominated society as she tried to free herself from.