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"So Miss… Bloodcrest, why is it that you believe you would make a good addition to the Trancy staff and help protect the master Earl Trancy?"

"Well Mr. Faustus I knew the master when he was in captivity- you see I was there too- and honestly more than anything I'm just fond of the boy. We were friends and I want to take care of him. And I cannot deny that I would most certainly be one hell of a maid sir, I can cook, clean, do laundry, and even kill if necessary." I replied internally cheering that I hadn't stuttered or messed up once. The Trancy butler –Claude Faustus was his name- nodded his head and continued to gaze at me with emotionless eyes for a few moments more almost as if he was studying me.

"And you said your name was Raven Bloodcrest, yes?" he asked and I immediately nodded wondering why he needed to know that. Ah he was probably just going to go check with his master that I actually did know him. I did though- that was no lie. I had grown up friends with Jim Macken and I would die that way. I mean he was nice to me when a demon killed my parents and was sympathetic because he knew what it was like to be an orphan as well.

Of course he never did know how my parents me their untimely demise (only I did) but he never asked, and I did the same. We both just knew not to, we understood it was painful. We understood each other. And lately something had been telling me on the inside that he was in danger. At first I tried to ignore it but it kept knawing at me until I finally gave in and tracked the blonde down. And now he was Alois Trancy, a name I did not know. A new person.

Damn I wish I could have a fresh start.

Without even the slightest noise the golden-eyed butler stood up and quickly left the room leaving me alon...

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...o kill me. I didn't even realize that I had been screaming for death until he denied it. He said it wouldn't be fun to kill me if I wanted death, so he'd let me live with the hell I had seen.

And that was truly the most cruel thing a demon could've done. Murdering a little girl's parents in front of her eyes while she's helpless and then refusing to end her life so she can live with that her whole life. So she can have nightmares, and blame herself. So she can have a hell inside her head- so that her life was complete madness and she didn't know what to do anymore.

That's what happened to the girl named Raven Bloodcrest. That's why I vowed to track down and destroy the demon that caused this. Not for my parents, but for myself. I wanted to see his crimson blood spill around his body and I wanted him to suffer.

My name is Raven Bloodcrest and I am a demon hunter.
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