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Stump Alex James Acton, Ed.d. English 101 AW2 13 October 2017 Dog Ownership Around 30,000 years ago, wolves began their journey through domestication. This process took a handful of years and is still going on today. Mostly humans oversaw it. Why would we take on this undertaking? Simply because we wanted to create the fastest and strongest animal to become our protectors and companions. Now, these animals come in all different breeds, sizes, colors, and shapes; however, one thing unifies these dogs and that is the potential to do good for people. Through a wide variety of studies that have been conducted through the past century, it has been observed that the dog ownership has a positive correlation with excellent virtues for the owner. Dog ownership has been shown to promote better health, increased happiness, a healthy lifestyle of living, and better responsibility. First off, dog ownership can be deterring for some at first. However, after getting into the groove of this, it will become much easier to do. Furthermore, you usually obtain a couple valuable additions to your life. One of these happens to be a stronger immune system, and a stronger immune system means more resistance to diseases and allergies. This can be explained by excessive exposure to bacteria that comes from dogs. However, the amount is so small that it helps build antibodies for those germs. Obviously this makes a person less susceptible to become sick or get allergies. Also, dogs can promote a resistance to allergies as well. This is because animal dander is potentially one of the most common allergens out there. However, with dog ownership, owners are constantly exposed to these, which allows you to build up a resistance. Also it has b... ... middle of paper ... ...ions. The dog has been our best friend since it has been domesticated. Despite being initially used for hunting and protection, today they are used for companionship. Owning a dog promotes many positives, along with its responsibilities; however, they are far outweighed by the positives. These positives include resistance to allergies and sickness, increased level of happiness, promoting a healthier lifestyle, and a good way to teach people responsibility. Works cited Lawrence robinson, and Jeanne Segal. “Mood-Boosting Power of Dogs.” Mood-Boosting Power of Dogs: How Caring for a Dog Helps You Cope with Depression, Anxiety, and Stress, Apr. 2017 “Find Happiness with a Pet.” Health and Wellness from Humana - Why Pets Make You Happy, Humana, 2017 Lewis, Tanya. “'Dog Dust' May Combat Allergies and Asthma.” LiveScience, Purch, 16 Dec. 2013,

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