Dog Treat Testing

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My experiment is testing one of the five senses of my dog, Blaze. I am testing for taste. In this experiment the question I am going to answer is, Which of three flavors of treats will my dog prefer? The treats are made by the same company, Beggin’ Strips from Nestlé Purina PetCare Division, but they are different flavors. The flavors used will be Hickory Smoked Bacon, Bacon & Cheese, and Bacon & Peanut Butter. My hypothesis for this experiment is, Of the three flavors my dog will prefer the Bacon & Cheese flavor the best. I chose this topic for my experiment because I have a major interest in animals and I am hoping to get a degree in some form of veterinarian services, such as zoology.
Similar Experiments:
Many similar experiments have been done on pets. Some experiments have used puppy chow instead of treats, others have tested which brand their pet liked best, and some have tested which type (based on size, shape, and color) of treat or chow their pet likes best. Most people have found that the results will vary from pet to pet. Some people have thought that what ...
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