Dog Dreams

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Dog Dreams For the past five years my dream has been to own a male Saint Bernard pup out of my old Saint Bernards, Samson and Delilah. Patty, the woman that owns my old companions called and informed me that Delilah was pregnant and was expected to deliver within the next week. I knew that my dream was coming true and I would get my pup. That whole week I was on cloud nine all I could think about was this dog. I went ahead and made plans to pick out my new bundle of joy the following Monday after they were born. Everything was going great, until I received the most disturbing telephone call I had ever received. This call informed me that Delilah had given birth to six beautiful puppies, but a disease in the mother’s milk called milk fever had instantly killed three of the pups and the other three were in critical condition. I asked if I could come and see the three living pups, but she said to wait and see if they survived. Patty told me to call her Saturday night and check on the pups. As Saturday approached I worked up the nerve and called her. I soon learned that two more had passed away and only one pup was still holding on. Patty told me that the one pup that was still holding on was a male, and he looked just like his father, Samson. This information rekindled my dreams and I began to have some hope. She told me that if anything happened she would give me a call. Sunday went by along with Monday and most of Tuesday. Then around 9:30 while I was at work, one of the servers informed me I had a telephone call. My heart began to race, as I answered the telephone. As I expected it was Patty, she wanted to tell me that the pup had passed away. It felt like a hundred pounds of bricks hit me in the chest. We talked a bit, I thanked her for everything she had done, and I hung up the telephone. All I could think about was that my pup was dead. After so many years of waiting and wanting this pup in the matter of days, it was gone.

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