Dog Case Study

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Question 1: The age and breed or type of animal
Answer: The type of animal that I plan on adopting is a dog. More specifically, I plan to get an Australian Shepherd. The age that it will be when I get it is 4 months.
Question 2: Initial Cost of the Animal
Answer: The initial cost to buy the Australian Shepherd from a breeder is between $600-$800. In addition, after getting the puppy I will have to get it its vaccinations, deworming, flea medicine, and physical assessment which will cost about $133- $185. I also have to get follow up vaccinations which will cost approximately an extra $100. I have to get various pet supplies before bringing my puppy home. The supplies will include a collar and leash, food, a door gate, dog bed, food and
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However, this training does not need to be extensive. Australian Shepherds excel in training and are quick learners. The best methods to train them include positive and reward centered training such as the clicker method. The clicker technique is an operational method in which the dog associates good behavior with the sound of a click. A clicker costs $1.19. You don’t need a formal class to learn how to clicker train there are online articles that teach this method. Australian Shepherds do not require harsh punishments or training. They can easily learn basic obedience commands such as sit, heel, and come. An important command to teach Australian Shepherds is called “recall.” Recall is if you tell the dog to stop and come, it will. Recall is important because Australian Shepherds have a natural tendency to herd animals and people. When Australian Shepherds are puppies they have a tendency to bite and chew, so teaching it not to do this is essential to developing an obedient behavior. Australian Shepherds are also very susceptible to separation anxiety. As a result, they need to be trained to stay home alone and not bark or get restless. Since I am getting my dog as a puppy I will also have to house train it to use the bathroom
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