Does violent video games make kids violent

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Imagine the government coming in and taking all of your video games away. This may sound crazy, but some people think that video games are violent but they don't see the positive side of them. As americans we enjoy a wide range of personal choice, and thankfully that videogames are one of them. But think for a moment about the positive side of violent video games. For many years people say that violence in video games causes real life violence but think for a moment do video games really cause violence in real life or is it just people that do it. In a 2007 study said that 45% of boys play it to help me with my anger and 62% say it helps me relax. Another study done by the US Secret Service reviewed previous school based attacks and it showed that one-eight attackers don't show an interest in video games. Violent juvenile murders have decreased 71.9% do to the increase of popularity of violent video games between 1995 and 2008. Video game players know that they are playing a game and they know that a game is fantasy not real life. So violent video games do not make kids aggressiv...
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