Does the Way We Act Affect How We Think or the Other Way Around?

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There are billions of people on this earth with each person connected by the interconnected thread of thinking. Although, there are many different cultural and economic differences between each one of these individuals, not one person can deny that there are always similarities. These similarities connect humanity with the way that all of humanity is able think and have their actions influenced by said thinking. The question that arises from thinking is how exactly it is able to affect a person. Does the way we act affect how we think or is it the other way around? Through much research this question will be answered.
The first part of this question asks if an individual’s thinking could affect his or her way of acting as a result. “Our attitudes often predict our behavior. Al Gore’s movie An Inconvenient Truth and the Alliance for Climate Protection it has spawned have a simple premise: Public opinion about the reality and dangers of global climate change can change, with effects on both personal behaviors and public policies” (Myers, 2010, p.675). This is just one instance of how individuals are influenced to think a certain way and how this thinking will affect their actions as a result. Humanity can be swayed using various rhetorical devices. The logic and scientific information from Al Gore’s movie is just one example of how people can be swayed to act based on this rational thinking provided by testimonies and scientists in Al Gore’s movie. Al Gore himself is a celebrity in his own right that helped influence this public thinking. Anywhere from product placement in popular TV show programs to perfume and products endorsed by Hollywood celebrities, the way an individual is bound to think can be manipulated so that these pro...

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...cause of this idea of global warming and the increasing popularity of ‘going green’. Actions of role playing and obedience can cause a person’s individual set of beliefs to change and alter based on the role set out by an experiment or authority that is in charge. Whether it is actions that follow thinking or the thinking that follows actions, humanity is linked by this innate set of reasoning. The ability for individuals to change based on the new way of acting or thinking can go a long way to change the way that that person thinks about others and how they feel about themselves. Once a person realizes that they can harness this innate capability, they can become the person they always wanted to be.

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