Does the Theory of Evolution Contradict Creation?

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Evolution of Darwin and christianity

These days , a number of the view that the theory of evolution as formulated by Charles Darwin is not against religion . There also was not convinced that the theory of evolution but still also contribute in teaching and redistribute it . This would not have happened if they really understand the theory. This is due to the inability to understand the dogma of Darwinism , including the views of the most dangerous of these theories are indoctrinated to the society . Therefore , for those who believe in the existence of God as the sole creator of living beings , but at the same time the view that " God created a variety of living things through evolution , " let relearn basic dogma of the theory. This paper is addressed to those who claim to have faith but mistaken in understanding the theory of evolution . Here is described a number of scientific and logical explanation of the importance that shows why the theory of evolution is not in accordance with Islam and the fact of creation .
Basic dogma of Darwinism proposes that life came into existence by itself spontaneously as a result of coincidences . This view is completely contrary to the belief in the existence of God's natural creation .

The biggest mistake of those who believe that the theory of evolution does not contradict the fact of creation is the notion that the theory of evolution is simply the assertion that living things came into being through a process of evolution from one form to another . Therefore , they say : " Is not nothing wrong if God created all living things through evolution from one form to another form ; what's wrong with rejecting it ? " However , there is actually very basic things that have been overlooked : the f...

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