Does Video Games Cause Violence?

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There are several variety game systems for different age groups. Some people may say that video games cause violence, there has been school shooting that the tabloids says there is a link between video games. From the Columbine High School massacre, and Sandy Hook School shooting .Other people will argue that playing a video game with a violent rating will not do any harm to a person. It's fun and it's competitive without having to be physical. It all depends on the person who is playing. One of the most common criticisms of video games is that they encourage the violent tendencies among people. One of the most remembered incidents was on April 20, 1999, when Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold made one of the biggest shocking news stories by murdering 13 people and wounding 23 people before shooting themselves at Columbine High School. Various people think that because the boys “enjoyed playing Shoot-Em -Up video game “Doom” “which is a licensed game by the U.S. military to train soldiers to successfully kill” (Shin). Harris made a web site with his own edition of Doom, which he modified the game so there were two shooters just like “Doom”. Harris and Klebold created a videotape for a class assignment that was very similar to their version of Doom. In the video game Harris and Klebold created they were dressed in trench coats, carrying guns, and killed school athletes. The exactly the same as what they did in life at Columbine High School(Shin). People felt that the video game “Doom” influenced the Harris and Klebold on doing the Columbine shootings. Many people argue that playing a game with graphic violence, and gory scenes or any provocative material will not make someone go on a violent rampage. It depends on the person. If yo... ... middle of paper ... ...ity. If that was under control then just maybe this tragedy would've happened. If they just took their pills, or got help. Unfortunately there is no connected relationship between video games and real world violence. Thoughts of aggression have often been confused with aggressive behavior, and there is a not enough of evidence that follow children over prolonged periods of time. Playing violent video games decreases violence in adolescent boys by helping as a substitute for rough and tumble play. By playing violent video games allows young boys to express aggression and set up status in the peer group without causing real harm. The video game player should understand that they are playing a game. Their ability to distinguish between fantasy and reality prevents them from imitating the video game violence in life. This may not be true if you have a mental disability.
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