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Ethics Assignment: Does This Milkshake Taste Funny? Identification of Dilemma: George is a young family oriented guy who has recently came back from his first year of college as a mechanical engineer. George is planning to marry his girlfriend Cathy and start their life together. In order to do this George has to find a good job to save for their future. He finds the perfect night job, with great pay, and a fun environment. The Job he found was at Eastern Dairy which is a unionized manufacturing company. Working there George discovers that there is no supervision for his crew, everyone just has to do their own job and get out of work on time. Everything seems be working out perfect until George has to face an ethical dilemma that could…show more content…
In modern times the answer to almost anything can be found on the internet. Students sign academic honesty forms against plagiarism, which is the use of another person’s work submitted by an individual. Plagiarism not only is bad because students didn’t do their own assignments so they don’t learn as much as they should but it’s also unethical to get credit for someone else’s work. A lot of students will not plagiarize because it’s against their morals, others will ignore the fact that doing it is unethical and will do it for their own convenience of finishing an assignment with minimum work for…show more content…
Utilitarianism is known as the ethical position in which people choose to take the decision that makes everyone happy. “Evaluation of Ethical Dilemma” I believe that although George knows that the best and most ethical thing to do would be to tell Paul that he will not take out the filters. The ethical thing to do would be to stop production until the managers from the morning shift show up to inform them of the issue. Saying nothing about the maggots in the milkshake mix is not only revolting but it could also make someone really sick. If a customer becomes sick due to the ingestion of the maggots, then company would lose more money than only the 500 gallons of milkshake mix. Instead I believe that George will take the Self-Interest decision and do as Paul said. George will stop thinking of the poor people drinking milkshakes with maggots but he will think of keeping his job and being able to have a good playing job, with no management supervision, and a fun environment. Although George will be benefited by having money for his future with Cathy and it will also give him the benefit of getting along with the crew and have

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