Does The Mission And Vision Of The Organization Align With Its Goals? Operations?

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Does the mission and vision of the organization align with its goals? Operations? The alignment of Ashe Memorial Hospital (AMH) mission statement based on its goals and operation gives the organization a purpose within the community and reason for the provision of healthcare services. AMH 's Mission (statement) is the: • Investment in the betterment of people. • Commitment to improvements continuously. • Accountability to those we serve. • Responsiveness to community health care needs. • Excellent in Primary Health Care. (Ashe Memorial Hospital, n.d) The goals of AMH 's mission are distinctive from all other healthcare providers. It has an attempt of capturing the essence through its operation with a commitment to its patients and staff of providing world class healthcare services to its community (Ginter, Duncan, & Swayne, 2013). From an operational standpoint, the alignment of AMH 's mission promotes goals that differentiate them from other healthcare providers. The mission of AMH is focused on investment, commitment, accountability, responsiveness, and excellence. As a marketing tool within the local and surrounding community, AMH 's mission inheres to its operation. It has attracted patients that bought financial growth, and job creations that all contributed to AMH, providing excellent healthcare services to its community. The alignment of AMH 's vision statement is a reflection of its mission. It is based on setting futuristic goals to be achieved through its operation. With its alignment, it creates a mental image of what the leaders and staff of AMH want to accomplish with its mission or purpose of its goals and operation (Ginter, Duncan, & Swayne, 2013). The goals of AMH 's Visio... ... middle of paper ... ...ned up additional options for financial growth. It is projected that in the future with the increasing aging population in the community, more medical care will be needed for this segment of the population. This demographic population is more acceptable to diseases like cancer and heart disease. As a result, there will be additional financial growth for AMH in projected years based on profit gains made for providing preventive care for these diseases. Also, there will be a need for its Human Resource Department to recruit more staff and provide training and development in these areas, as well. As AMH continuous to move forward with its strategic plans, they are expected to increase in providing excellent patient experience, medical staff growth, improving access to care, redefining care, as well as, increase financial growth (Novant Health, 10/9/2014).
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