Does Premarital Cohabitation Lead to a Better Marriage?

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As the world changes, society evolves, and the divorce rates rises; more and more couples are living together before marriage. 70% percent of couples now live together before marriage (Rhoades, Stanley, and Markman, 2009, para 107). Premarital cohabitation does not lead to a better marriage. Couples who live together before marriage have a harder time adjusting to marry life, they have less stability, and often feel less satisfied in their marriage. These are three of the most difficult problems couples will encounter when they live together before marriage. The following five literature review will support and demonstrate that premarital cohabitation does not create a better marriage in the following three areas adjustment, stability and satisfaction.
Premarital cohabitation has a negative effect on martial adjustment. In a research article by Liat Kulik and Hagit Havusha-Morgenstern (2011) they compared the initial martial adjustment of women who had cohabited with their future spouses before marriage versus women who did not. In the area of marital adjustment Kulik and Havusha-...

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