Does Poverty Affect The Quality Of Life Of Families Of Children With Disabilities

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II. Poverty has an impact on the quality of life of families of children with disabilities. There are many factors in which are stressors for families, such as, lack of health care, housing, nutrition, employment, and barriers to services. Without housing, families are in survival mode and planning day to day. Academic achievement is not a priority in a household that is trying to get food on the table daily. There are correlations between poverty and alcohol problems, mental health difficulties, and drug abuse. When parents are struggling with these issues they are less likely to be involved in their child’s academics, which can stem problems. The stressors that go along with poverty interfere with a child’s ability to learn. Some go to …show more content…

This law opened the doors to children with disabilities that were previously excluded from services. This law sought to give children with disabilities an appropriate education. According to Wakelin (2008), the effectiveness for low-income communities was not meeting standards. With policies not being enforced in these communities, children with disabilities were not being placed in the appropriate classroom settings with the proper services. Little academic progress was proceeding. A problem poverty communities face with schools is that some have low resources, teachers that aren’t trained, and overcrowded classrooms. Individual Education Plans for children were designed to be legal binding documents developed in a meeting, including parents and staff, to meet the unique needs of children with disabilities. It’s very important for parents to be involved in the IEP process to advocate for their child, whether it is in person or over a phone conference. The team decides whether or not the child needs special education services in order to learn curriculum. Children from low-income families being evaluated for special education can complicate the efforts of school professionals with their background. Factors included are mobility, behavior, and economic and environmental causes. Requirements that environmental causes is ruled out is set so that a child with a disability does not become staffed due to their living conditions. This can be seen as a positive and as a frustrating point for families who want to receive support. Response to Intervention (RTI) was designed so that students do not fall far behind before they can qualify for special education services. The practice of providing instruction and interventions matched to student needs while progressing monitoring is a powerful tool. IV. The implemented policies and practices have worked towards the effort in

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