Does Ophelia Be Forced To Hate Against Hamlet's Love

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People will hate others for reasons that are far beyond ones knowledge and understanding. In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Hamlets father, Hamlet Sr., is murdered by his brother, Claudius, in order for him to obtain the throne and be King of Denmark. Hamlet begins to see his late father ghost. The ghost informs him how he truly died and it is at this time when Hamlet vows to get revenge in honour of his father. His mother remarries very quickly and his girlfriend, Ophelia, rejects him for reasons beyond Hamlet’s knowledge. Some may argue that Ophelia is forced to ignore Hamlet’s love because of her father, Polonius’s, orders. However this is untrue because Ophelia helps to set up the meeting where Claudius and Polonius spy on Hamlet and Ophelia, she…show more content…
which is the ultimate burn to Hamlet, and Ophelia does not bother to inform Hamlet of her father’s commands, she simply leaves. All the important women in Hamlet’s life have betrayed him one way or another which gives him justification for his bitter and hostile view of women. There has been controversy over the fact that Ophelia did not have the choice whether to listen to her father or not. Some critics may argue that Ophelia is forced to reject Hamlet’s love because of her father’s orders. Shortly after Laertes finishes telling Ophelia that she should not believe what Hamlet says or does, Polonius enters the room to tell her what she needs to do, he commands, “Have you so slander any moments leisure,/ As to give words or talk with the lord Hamlet./ Look to’t, I charge you: come your ways” to which Ophelia reluctantly replies, “I shall obey my lord” (1.3.133-136). In this time period, Ophelia is not given the option whether or not she is going to obey her father, she has to. Since Polonius is saying ‘I charge you’ this means that he commands her to listen and she knows that if she…show more content…
When Hamlet seems to be depressed even two months after his father’s death, Claudius addresses it. Gertrude tries to help the situation by saying, “Thou know’st ‘tis common, all that lives must die,/ Passing thorough nature to eternity” (1.2.72-73). Gertrude is disregarding all of Hamlets feelings towards his father by telling him he has no reason to be upset because everyone is going to die eventually. Gertrude clearly does not care about what mind set Hamlet is in and is trying to get him to forget about his father because Gertrude already has. With Gertrude saying ‘all that lives must die’ she is stating that it is no big deal that his father, her husband, has just passed away since it is completely normal and it happens to everyone. Hamlet sees this as complete disrespect towards his father since it has barely been two months since his death and she has already stopped mourning. Hamlet lets her know that just because he looks like he is depressed does not mean that he is, she does not know how he is feeling on the inside, only he knows that. With Gertrude’s lack of respect for Hamlet’s feelings regarding his father’s death, he is justified for his bitter and hostile view of
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