Does New Instrument Technology have Biomedical Application?

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(2) Interesting new instrument technology that could have biomedical application
Here are some emerging technologies in the year ahead.
1. Cutting Back on Melanoma Biopsies
With melanoma being the most deadly form of skin cancer, a large number of dangerous looking moles are harmless, but it has always been impossible to know that without an invasive surgical biopsy. Now dermatologists have a new help making the right call -a hand held tool approved by FDA for multi spectral analysis of the tissue morphology. MelaFind optical scanner is not for the definitive diagnosis but it is rather to provide an additional information which a doctor can use in predicting whether or not to order biopsy. The goal is to reduce number of patients that are left with unrequired biopsy scars, with the benefit of eliminating cost of unnecessary procedures. The MelaFind technology uses missile navigation technologies paid for Department of Defense to scan the surface of suspicious lesion at ten electro magnetic wavelengths. The taken signals are processed using heavy algorithms and are matched against a registry of ten thousand digital image of melanoma and skin disease.

The ATI Neuro stimulator from Autonomic Technologies. Image:
2. Electronic Aspirin
The people which suffer from migraine, cluster headache, and the other causes of chronic head or facial pain, the "take 2 aspirins and call in the morning" method comes out to be useless. The doctors have long associated most severe forms of headache with sphenopalatine ganglion, a facial nerve bundle, but have not yet found treatment which works on SPG long term.The technology under the clinical investigation at Autonomic Technologies, Inc. is a patient-powered tool for the blocking ...

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...of Wisconsin. These embryonic cell' class='brand-secondary'>stem cell colonies are rounded, dense masses of cells.If challenges presented by the genetic engineering and the gene therapy can be met by the future bioengineers, then their treatment or correction of the genetic disorders and some diseases could become reality. Due to the advances in gene isolation, it has also become possible to then inject single gene into single cell to alter its function. One such method is electroporation, in which a pore is created in cell membrane by use of a high-voltage pulse. Electrode design, pulse intensity, the repetition rate,and the cell membrane properties are the aspects of this field which will benefit from expertise of the bioengineer.

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