Does Love Justify the Means in The Great Gatsby

In The Great Gatsby by the F. Scott Fitzgerald, “love” seems to be a reoccurring theme amongst characters. The actions they take do not make much sense but in the end they use the justification that they are in “love” to make it seem acceptable. But were the actions of Tom or Gatsby actually justified by the four letter word? Even though the nature of them are somewhat unacceptable even in the 1920’s time period. There are so many outcomes because of the secret love bond between Gatsby and Daisy, it makes the story interesting and may even be the reason that she had fallen for him; humans are drawn to dangerous situations and we crave for me. But what Gatsby had done and what Daisy’s response to that action was, should be frowned upon and they should feel shame.
Gatsby had one love of his life, it was early on too so he had time to think and expand on the thought of love. Daisy had stolen his heart when he was just becoming an adult, which is enough to make a man do anything for that women. Gatsby and Daisy were going to elope but because of World War I, Gatsby had left her for so long that he had lost her to someone else. But what Gatsby had not taken into consideration is if she knew he was going to serve in the war for a while, why didn’t she wait for him to get back? The most logical reason could be that she simply did not love him at the time. He was an average man, not a very high status in the community, while Daisy was wealthy and had a decent status in the community. Gatsby was drawn to this and he knew that he had to make her his, but the Great War had ruined his plans on any future with her. Gatsby claims in the story that they had fallen madly in love when they were together, but I do not think that is the case. If D...

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...he is dating her is just for the sake of making Daisy and Gatsby happy. He would attend Gatsby’s parties with her; that is where he met his neighbor Gatsby. Nick feels no love for Jordan, and in fact, when he breaks up with her when Gatsby passes away, she tells him that she was already engaged to another man. It turns out she did not love Nick either.
Love is a mysterious feeling that everyone should feel at some point in their life, The Great Gatsby is a bad example of finding love though. No character in the Great Gatsby actually understand what love is and they only realize what they have after it is gone. All of the relationships in the story have at least one person who does not remain faithful, sometimes even both partners do not remain faithful. But in the end of it all, they go back to the way it was before and state that they went back because of love.
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