Does God Exist

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 Religious Beliefs in Early B. C. Period Since the beginning of time people have searched and studied very hard to find a religious practice that would sooth there soul. People have always found something or someone to worship. There are still many religious groups or churches that believe opposite of each other. The religious groups or churches of people usually have a book or some form of religious laws in which they try to live by. Some even have steps of achievement and are working hard to please the Lord, so they will not go to hell in the end or when they die a physical death. I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and that he is the son of the only God, which created all of the universe. I do believe in the Bible in its entirety. I am a member of a Southern Baptist Church, which is an organization. I was brought up in a Baptist church in which my father was the pastor in. He is a very intelligent man, and I believe that he would not have shared with me about Jesus if he did not believe with all of his heart. I say this, because he loves me very much and would not want me to believe in something that would keep me from entering the gates of heaven. I say I am Baptist, but that has grown into a large number of churches. These many Baptist churches; although, titled the same do not believe everything identically. Most religious organizations in the world have always and still believe in some form of afterlife; although, these images of heavens and hells are very different and unique in there own ways. People believe that they can achieve the right to go to the better of the two places in many different ways. Some religions believe that heaven is a place where only Gods chosen people the Israelites will go. Some religious groups believe that heaven can only be reached by sharing the word of there God with others. This same group believes that good deeds and living a moral life will put their feet on the streets of gold beyond the crystal sea. Some religious groups have a set schedule with workbooks, memorization of biblical passages, and the taking of the Lords Supper will put them in heaven. I believe that for a person to go to heaven that they must acknowledge that there is only one true and living God. The person must confess to the God that they are ... ... middle of paper ... ...that sometimes led him in circles. He was sometimes desperate, but did not lose his faith. He kept going hoping, believing, and searching for an answer. This is how we should be today. We should search through the readings of the Bible. In our journey on this world we should try to do right, not lose faith in the Lord, and keep living our life with a goal of reaching heaven. To Aeneas present day Italy was his goal. To us, heaven should be our goal. It is possible to reach it, but it is not a free gift we have to believe and repent and live our life for it. This is the strongest tie I found between Aeneas and I. I hope I have the lasting faith of Aeneas. Wok Cited Rodu, Brad. “Aeneid and Odyssey” Tribune Review. Pittsburg, May 1, 1997. Edell, Dr. Dean. Aeneas the Prince. Sulzburger and Graham: New York, 1995. Stepney, Rod. Looks at Literature. Franklin Watts. New York 1994.

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