Does God Exist

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Is there a God? How can you be sure that questions God exist? Can you prove that God is real? The existence of God had been controversial question for as long as time existed. In order to define the Christian faith, one must obviously start with the premise that there is a God! Humans cannot understand God in totality, but we can have a solid beginning point for understanding who God is and what God is doing in our lives. Many people do not believe in God; however there is evidence that God does exist but also believing in God improves a person’s life. It is hard nowadays to believe if God exist from history, science, personal experience and philosophy. Ontological argument is defined as one of a category of philosophical arguments for the existence of God using ontology. (“Ontological”) According to this argument for people to say that God do not exist is self – contradictory. In the mindset of atheists, they believe that God do not exist. But believing that God do not exist is to think that God is imperfect. For example, how I know that God exist, by how the universe operates by uniform laws of nature. With this argument there is no difference or number of objectives, many have accepted but many are vigorous - minded. If ontological argument was prosperous, that signifies God, “God” meaning “perfect being”, subsist. Now with monotheistic religion verbally expresses God to be true – for God to be impeccable than he is omniscient, omnipotent, and eternal. (“Ontological”) It shows that there is existence of God that is impeccable in every way, but it does not demonstrate much about the relationship of God and us. The rest of this argument shows us less about what God is and his attributes but how he relates to us. (“Existence...”... ... middle of paper ... ...things. That is the paramount point. It seems most plausible that moral conscience is the voice of God within the soul, because moral value subsists only on the caliber of persons, minds and wills. It is difficult, if not infeasible, to conceive of objective moral principles somehow aerially circumnavigating on their own, apart from any persons. But we grant that there are many steps to peregrinate from objective moral values to the Creator of the universe or the triune God of love. There is a prodigious astute distance between them. But these things are compatible in a way that materialism and notion in objective values are not. To reach a personal Creator you require other arguments and to reach the God of dote you require revelation. By itself, the argument leaves many options open, and eliminates only some. But we are surely well rid of those it does eliminate.

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