Does Gender Pay Gap Exist?

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Does The Gender Pay Gap Exist? The pay gap between genders is increasingly becoming a hot topic of discussion. Recently I have witnessed conversations, read news articles and heard stories about women being paid unfairly and only making a small percentage of what men earn. Forbes Magazine states that in the last decade, full-time working women on average only make 77 percent of what men earn (Maatz). There is even a day dedicated to recognizing when women’s wages finally match men’s wages from the previous year; this day is called Equal Pay Day (Maatz). The problem of the gender pay gap is important to me because it is something that will personally affect me upon my graduation from college. As defined in the Cambridge Dictionary, the gender pay gap is “the difference between the amounts of money paid to women and men, often for doing the same work”. As a woman, I find it unfair that I could work as hard as I can and still earn less than my fellow male co-workers. I believe that something needs to be done soon to close this gap and finally give women equal pay. For example, imagine that you are the type of person who is driven and works hard because you know that nothing comes easy. However, you just learned that your hard work has not paid off because of your sex. The promotion that you were supposed to have received, the promotion that you earned, was given to someone else because their sex is deemed “more qualified” and your employer thinks people would listen to them more than you. This is not fair. Scenarios like this one need to be stopped. The gender pay gap is real and a solution needs to be initiated in order to solve this problem. Throughout history, many antidiscrimination acts have been passed in order to prote... ... middle of paper ... ... work for family or that women do not negotiate enough for their wages. However, with the evidence provided, I strongly believe that there is a gap and it exists mainly because of discrimination and the obstacles that prohibit women from reaching their full potential in the workplace. A new way to measure the pay gap needs to be created so that we can accurately find how much the gap is and adjust it willingly and proactively. Measuring by hourly wages is not working anymore and a new measurement should be put into place. I also believe that more regulations need to be put into place that call for harsher punishment to businesses that do discriminate, whether is based on sex, race or ethnicity. I hope to live in a world soon where discrimination in the workplace is not another obstacle to overcome and where men and women with the same job title earn the same salary.

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