Does Divorce Affect Children Negatively?

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As society progresses, the view on divorce changes, and rates increase. In America today, the divorce rate is higher than ever, at 50 percent. In many divorce cases, there are children involved. In fact, every year, 1.5 million children in America are witnesses of their parents’ divorce (Arkowitz and Lilienfeld, 2014). One of the most common considerations before a divorce is whether or not the couple should stay together “for the kids”. The underlying question is this, does divorce affect children negatively? If divorce didn’t affect the kids, the parents wouldn’t even raise the question. The truth is that divorce is a very situational thing and can’t be generalized. There are a few cases where it is best for the child if the parents go their separate ways. For example, a study shows that kindergarteners who witness their parents conflicting are more likely to have anxiety and depression when they’re teenagers (Communications). However, the majority of divorces scar a child emotionally, socially, or educationally. The most common way divorce affects children is on an emotional level. Divorces bring big changes into the life of a family, and often times children are not well prepared to deal with those changes; especially when they do not see it coming. For example, when a child witnesses their parents constantly conflicting, they will understand when their parents tell them of the divorce. (Arkowitz and Lilienfeld, 2014). In fact, in a case like this, the child may be better off if the parents do divorce. It is not healthy for a child to constantly be surrounded by arguments and negativity. On the other hand, when the child only sees the good things in their parents’ marriage, and never sees the fighting, they tend not to take... ... middle of paper ... ...ious academic struggles (Odenweller, 2014). Some of these students didn’t notice the link between their parent’s divorce and their dropping grades while it was happening. A few years later, when they reflected on their childhood, they noticed that their dropping grades happened at the same time as their parents divorcing. After doing some research, it is evident that divorce impacts kids for the worse. There are cases where divorce is the best decision for the well-being of both the parents and the children. However, the truth is that most couples don’t divorce because of constant arguing. Common reasons couples divorce is for personal reasons such as a lack of intimacy, unreal expectations, and financial disagreements (YourTango). Consequently, the majority of divorces aren’t expected by children. Divorce has more negative effects on children than it does positive.
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