Does Class Size Matter?

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The effect of a class size is more significant than one might think. The benefits of a smaller class usually take place when the class is less than 20 students, and are stronger for the earlier years of school. By reducing the class size, the distraction is also being reduced. There are numerous benefits of a small class. Smaller class size has led to increased student achievement, better morale for teachers, and better life outcomes in the future for students who were in small classes at a young age.
High-test scores can lead students to a great future. With a smaller class size, students receive more one-on-one time with a teacher. This gives students more direct help instead of having to share their time with multiple other students in the class. Also, if a student isn’t comfortable talking or giving presentations to a large crowd, a smaller class will make them more comfortable. "Reducing [the size of classes in the early grades] reduces the distractions in the room and gives the teacher more time to devote to each child." (Mosteller, 2012). This is important, because with a large class, a teacher has to share his or her time evenly with a multitude of students. With a smaller class, there are fewer students for the teacher to share time with. Teachers are able to know their students better which is important since knowing a student’s strengths and weaknesses can help the teacher know how to better help the student. As well as leading to better test scores for students, smaller classes can also lead teachers to have a better morale.

In a small class, teachers are more likely to have a better morale than teachers in a larger class. This is owing to the fact that they are less likely to be overwhelmed. In a smaller class, the...

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...schools have been able to use out of classroom staff in order to save money.

In the long run, the benefits of a smaller class size are extremely strong. They help both teachers and students. Students in smaller classes have proven to have higher test scores, also teachers who teach smaller classes have a better morale. Lastly, students of smaller classes are less likely to drop out of high school, leading to better outcomes in life for their future. I believe that if an amendment were added to lower class sizes, there would be numerous benefits for teachers and students.

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