Does Censorship Limit One's Freedom?

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Many say that censorship limits what people can do, but others think differently. Censorship in the United States limits the freedom of what some can do and does not allow teens to read about important situations that could happen in life, listen to positive or negative music, and watch certain shows for them to experience. Many people think that censorship is not necessary and that what is produced to the public, the parents should be alright with it.
Books teach people everything they need to know about a certain subject, historical event, or how to deal with certain situations in life. Students in school need these books in particular to develop, but it is occasionally difficult to acquire education books when parents are censoring books for their children. “That parent in Connecticut also declared the she is the best judge of what is acceptable for her children to read” (Gallo). Censorship over a child is hard because depending on the age, there could be multiple reasons. This mother dictating over a child that is fairly young then it is understandable. Younger children as they...

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