Does Birth Order Affect Personalities and Traits of Siblings?

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Does birth order drastically affect personalities and traits of people? Where a person is placed in their birth order will determine what kind of traits they will have. As a person matures his traits are developed and influenced by factors of birth order. For example, firstborns tend to develop leadership qualities because they are leaders in their household. The proper numerical birth order tends to be the first born, sometimes second born, middle child, and last born. Some families only have a single child and they are known as the only child. Characteristics of each and every child develop as he or she matures.
Firstborns are the oldest sibling and usually the most advanced because he has the most experience with life than his younger silbling. The firstborn tends to be leaders because they have the qualities of leaders. Firstborns and only children have completely different personalities. The first born would be most likely to take on a leadership position since they have leadership traits. They are reliable, conscientious, structured, controlling, achievers, diligent, and want to be the best at everything. They often have an intense fear of failure, so nothing they accomplish is good enough. Since they want to be the best at everything, firstborns feel stressed and pressured and do not like to step out of their comfort zone. The first child has the most attention, majority of the time because many parents spend more time explaining things to them then their other children. According to, the oldest children enjoy about 3000 more hours of quality time with their parents between ages 4 and 13 than the next sibling will get. Since they receive extra time with their parents, they tend to be the smartest of all their si...

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...t leaders.
Birth order has a lot to do with personalities and traits of people. Where a person is placed in their birth order will determine what kind of traits they will have. Each child will not always have the traits that were described. These traits did not just magically appear. The child had to mature and develop and eventually they will develop different characteristics. Children may have some of the same characteristics, but for the most part, each child will have different characteristics. This is the conclusion of the paper about birth order and how it can determine what characteristics people will have.

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