Does Assessment Kill Student Creativity Essay

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Schools are designed to help our children develop a civic, emotional, cognitive, vocational and social understanding of the world around them, by creating standards that they must meet to be considered ready for this world. This standardization of schools are performing at a level that indicates a need for change;, and despite countless efforts for new standards and new change, we have failed to expand children’s minds. What if we stop this standardization and begin a system of creativity? Breaking down this structure that holds students back from learning the way they know how and demonstrate their personal improvement. In 1968, George Land conducted a research study to test the creativity of 1,600 students begin at the age of 3-5 result showed…show more content…
Beghetto speak on the idea of how assessments can have a negative effect on a student 's creative minds due to the big footprint it has in the classroom? Though teachers don’t intentionally put such focus on assessments they must demonstrate students performance which is the only considerable way to monitor the success/ failure of the current educational efforts. This makes quite difficult to incorporate students ability to be creative, there 's also the fact that teacher doesn 't have the proper training on how to gauge students creativity. Beghetto says “Creativity is the interaction among aptitude, process, and the environment by which an individual or group produces a perceptible product that is both novel and useful as defined within a social context.” He trying to say creativity it developing a useful solution to a problem in a new or different…show more content…
Beghetto edited a collection of an essay that shared ideas on creative approaches to improving our schools in the book Nurturing Creativity in The Classroom. In one of the essay title Developing Creative Productivity in Young People Through the Pursuit of Ideal Acts of Learning by Joseph S. Renzulli and Catharina F. De Wet they explains how with the current education system students how very few chances to experience the world around them, and without this chance to see the world as a whole through the lens of their own interest they may never find their “calling”. Many schools attempt to create programs that can fulfill this need for real world experiences, an example of a program that focuses directly on students interest are enrichment clusters. Essentially in these enrichment clusters, students from different grades who share the similar interest come together once a week and work on produce a product or service that solve a real world problem. Now even with this students may not feel motivated to actually take this experience and benefit from it because the product may lack exposure to an audience of higher status if a student knew someone who they idealize was coming to see their creation they would but more attention to detail when finalizing their

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