Does A Media Become A Cross Platform

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“All media are cross Platform” what is the meaning of the word cross platform and when does a media become a cross platform? This essay is going to explain in detail how media companies use each platforms to attracted more and new consumers. How do media companies use one specific text to create multiple platforms and why do they do so? Besides that what are media convergences? Harry Potter will be used as the main case study for this essay, it will explain how Harry Potter started and how it became cross platform. It would have a few other example of media convergences and it will include a variety of example on cross platform media. To write this essay lots of reading had to be done and mostly Henry Jenkins book was very helpful to understand…show more content…
According to Henry Jenkins, media convergence removes the lines between all media industries and bring a whole new idea of how media is perceive. Nowadays, customers expect every media company to have a website available which was clearly not necessary a few years ago. He argue that both the consumer and the producer need to change. Another example of media convergence is the ability to watch movies from your smartphones devices such as IPad, mobile devices and even in the car. Jenkins argue that “Media convergence is, in that sense, an old concept taking on new meanings”. He claim that the traditional concept of watching movie is still available but with media convergence consumers can also watch same movies with nearly same quality from their mobile phones. Henry Jenkins, claim that “transmedia is the technique of telling a single story or story experience across multiple platforms and formats including, but not limited to games, book, events, cinema and television”. Star wars, is possibly the most extensive transmedia project around the world. The owner makes sales from every possible platform available. With over 100 official games available in every genre and platforms, clothing lines, jewellery, accessories, animated series, websites and wikis Star Wars uses the perfect formula to become one the best contemporary media
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